Vaasa, WS Arena 4-5.9.2020


Stay Safe & Full with Energy


Sparzanza, the Swedish hard rock band with more than 20 working years under the rivet belt. A frequently seen guest in Finland. Seven released LPs, many club and festival gigs including Qstock, Sauna Open Air, Myötätuulirock and RockCock have given the band a stable crowd of followers. Sparzanza comes with great guitar-based comp and melodies that cling to consciousness and a darkness that feels. Deep in the mind.

The Norwegian punk rock icon, known as singer in Turbonegro 1993-2010 with hits such as “All My Friends Are Dead” and “I Got Erection”, Hank Von Hell, arrive in Finland. Hank’s solo career has been above expectations. In 2018 he released the solo album “Egomania” which has gathered praise from domestic media and now we finally get to see him perform with his former band’s hits and also with songs from his own solo production.


Klamydia is finally seen on its own home ground when the band’s solid hit cavalier kicks off at Villa Sandviken at dusk. The band certainly does not need any detailed presentation. Many are those music enthusiasts who, during the band’s 30-year career, have sung along in their down-to-earth, straight songs.


Shiraz Lane

Shiraz Lane from Vanda has in a short time sailed up as one of the more promising export promises in Finnish rock music. The live performances are characterized by high energy and tight swing. Their latest EP “Vibration l” has led to repeated engagements abroad. Big Claws and lots of energy promised at Rockperry Reload.


Wolfheart will make his debut visit to Rockperry Reload on September 5. Winter-metal group frontman Tuomas Saukkonen put Before The Dawn, Black Sun Aeon, Dawn Of Solace and RautaSielu on ice in 2012 to fully concentrate on Wolfheart. The first album “Winterbown” from 2013 received good response and the subsequent albums “Shadow World” and “Tyhjyys” have a more dramatic and cinematic expression. Their fourth album “Constellation of the Black Light” was released on Napalm Records in 2018 and garnered well-deserved international acclaim. The “Wolves of Karelia” that dropped in April this year sound more robust than ever.


Tulenkulkijat alt/rock orchestra from Vasa. Their music is a bow to female Finnish rock and a bow away from the plastic wear and tear culture.

Fury and nostalgia, brittle and rough, beautiful and daunting. Loving opposites.


The Vasa band Eld Fire takes influences from the punk and stones genres. The band, which was formed in 2019, calls itself its style of “space-punk” because the inspiration comes from the boundlessness of space and unknown dimensions. Space Jam Joel, Jupiter Jim Justice, Dave D’weirdo, Zeta & Jessy Jetpack are members’ imaginative “nom de guerre”.

Heartquake used to go under the name “Carrie and the Countdown Cafe” but changed it when it started to produce its own material. Melodic hard rock with main influences from the 1980s you could describe their music as, if you like. Or maybe “Heartrock”: melodic genre transcending music made with an open mind.

There are three songs to listen to on Youtube.
Vocalist Lilian Martin, guitarist Jani Kuoppamaa, drums Sami Peltoharju, keyboards Jake Angervo, bass Rami Kangas.


Kurator is back and delivers true heavy metal from Närpiö. With cool guitar riffs and a fierce metal vocalist that would make Rob Halford jealous the band’s live show remains unmatched.

The band started back in 1999 and were active to 2007. Two albums were produced back in the days. Kurator reunited in 2019 and are now producing their 3:rd album.

Metal Is the Cure 2020 is a new remake of the classic from 2001.


The Suamenlejjona band began in 1995 in Turku, when the Finnish national hockey team won its first world championship. In music, Suamenlejjona humorously combines styles of metal and heavy music.


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