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The Norwegian punk rock icon, known as singer in Turbonegro 1993-2010 with hits such as “All My Friends Are Dead” and “I Got Erection”, Hank Von Hell, arrive in Finland. Hank’s solo career has been above expectations. In 2018 he released the solo album “Egomania” which has gathered praise from domestic media and now we finally get to see him perform with his former band’s hits and also with songs from his own solo production.

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Steve ’n’ Seagulls shakes loose again!

In combination with bluegrass, folk music, metal and rock, the quintet released their third album, Grainsville, in September 2019. The album’s Grainsville tour has taken the band a couple of times to North America, across Europe and finally it’s time for domestic markets and squares.

Like its predecessors, Grainsville rose to the album list in Finland and the North American Billboard bluegrass list for several weeks. At the gigs, music from all three albums is heard mixed with a few surprises, which not even the orchestra itself knows.

The seagulls became better known with their YouTube videos and the band’s channel continues to spin evenly hot. In total, the band’s videos have been viewed more than 170 million times to date. For several years, the band has toured at a fast pace across Europe and on several occasions in North America.

At the gigs, carefully selected and unique versions of covers mixed with own production. The whole glory is served with an incredible stage performance and a relaxed atmosphere.


Steve n Seagulls

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